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Index Welcome: Reine, Norway taken by Vidar Norli-Mathison
Index About: Oslo Barcode taken by Me!
Image taken 16/09/2019
Index To Do: Hjørundsfjorden Backpacking taken by Me! Thats my mum up there
Image taken 10/07/2017
Index Arrive: Panorama, Boat, Mountain, Water taken by Marisco Galle
About Banner: Vigeland Sculpture Park taken by Me!
Image taken 28/06/2017
About Atlas: Taken from Wikimedia Commons
To Do Banner: Sverd i fjell taken by Me!
Image taken 31/07/2017
To Do Coffee and Waffles: taken by Torbjorn Sandbakk
To Do Skiing: Lyngen Lodge, Olderdalen, Norway taken by Hendrik Morkel
To Do Nordlys: Aurora Borealis taken by Tobias Bjørkil
To Do Viking Ship Museum: Oseberg Ship front taken by Me!
Image taken 03/07/2017
Arrive Banner: Akershus Fortress taken by Me!
Image taken 16/05/2019
Arrive Planes: Scandinavian airlines logo
Arrive Trains: Vy transport operator logo
Arrive Boats: Hurtigruten Cruises logo
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